E-Commerce Website & Marketing

E-Commerce SEO is Critical to Generating Revenue.

You are about to open your store to the world so you sell your products but now wondering how people are going to find it?   Or maybe, vou’ve spent time and money building a beautiful website store but the sales are not coming in?

Web marketing for eCommerce web stores is much more than just creating a website, and posting on Facebook or LinkedIn. With thousands of dynamically generated pages, most web stores (e-commerce website) pose a challenge for novice social media and SEO practitioners. Not so for eSpark Marketing..

Just like for regular business websites, we use our own, proven methodology in order to drive sales, email addresses and conversions to your business.Building the proper hierarchy of categories, sub-categories, and sub-sub categories based on the key terms that your customers use is the foundation of successful e-commerce SEO implementation.  We also make sure to use tactical, high impact social media ad campaigns to drive dollars and new sales or conversions

We would love the opportunity to show you how we have done this for other clients, generating 200% to 300% increase in SEO sales; and also get to know your business- to do the same for your website store!

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