Lighting maintenance services company selects our agency for new website and SEO

PKK Lighting Inc., a Madison, WI lighting maintenance services company, has engaged our digital agency to help the company improve its’ online presence. The lighting company is working with us to improve their search engine results and grow the number of new leads and new customers it engages via a new website and a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) initiative.

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PKK Lighting has been installing and maintaining commercial lighting systems at businesses and organizations in Wisconsin and the upper Midwest since 1970.  They also sells light bulbs to companies and collects materials to be recycled, like light bulbs, TV’s, computers, and other electronics in order to keep them out of our local landfills.

In June, 2017 our firm was engaged to begin the new website and SEO project. The mobile responsive website,, built on the WordPress platform, was launched on November 1, 2017.  The website includes a blog to allow PKK Lighting to keep current and prospective customers up-to-date about trends in the rapidly changing industry. PKK will share those blog posts on 3 public blogging sites,,, and

SEO Optimization

For the SEO project, we started with keyword research to identify potential keywords with sufficient search activity and that are important to the company. From there, our team and PKK Lighting selected the 10 keywords we felt would be the most successful for driving organic visitors to the website.

For each of the 10 keywords we added or optimized a page on the new website. Each of the 10 optimized pages is designed to rank for the selected keywords. The following pages and primary keywords are covered in this phase of the implementation:

  1. LED Lighting Installation Companies –
  2. LED Commercial Light Fixtures –
  3. LED Parking Lot Pole Lights –
  4. Parking Lot Pole Light Maintenance –
  5. LED Commercial Outdoor Lighting –
  6. LED Street Light Fixtures –
  7. LED Emergency Exit Lights –
  8. Lighting Maintenance Services Company –
  9. Light Bulb Sales –
  10. Light Bulb Recycling –

The SEO keywords have been added into a comprehensive tracking program so that we can track the results of our SEO initiative. We will measure inbound links to the website, search engine rankings for the 10 SEO keywords, organic traffic to the 10 new SEO pages, and forms submitted from organic visitors.

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