Technical Rescue Equipment Company Hires eSpark Marketing for SEO Services

AHS Rescue Hires eSpark Marketing for SEO Campaign

When you are looking for a quality supplier of technical rescue equipment and training for high-angle, rope rescue or swift water applications, look no further than AHS AHS Rescue and its sister company, Arizona Hiking Shack, Is a leading supplier to work at height professionals, search and rescue teams, and the avid mountaineering sportsman.

Because municipalities, government entities, rescue technicians and sports enthusiasts are in need of quality training and equipment that AHS Rescue provides, our firm was hired to improve the outreach and brand visibility for its online store.

eSpark Marketing’s SEO Optimization Plan

For this SEO project, our digital marketing agency started with in depth keyword research to identify the highest potential keywords with sufficient search activity. From there, we selected the 10 top keywords we felt would be the most successful for driving quality leads and sales to their website
For each of the 10 keywords, we optimized a brand new page on the new website, as well as reorganized the website to improve the navigational structure. The following pages and primary keywords are covered in this phase of the implementation.

Equipment Pages:

Training Pages

In Phase 2, after the optimization and web architecture was improved, quality link building, blogging, social posting, and analytics will support the effort to improve their visibility online. This off-page optimization will include syndicating new blogs on Tumblr, WordPress, Weebly and Blogger, as well Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. With this activity, we expect great results for the store and their image!

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