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Does your website have the best layout or wording to attract calls and leads?


SEO/Digital Marketing Consulting

Are you reviewing your website analytics on a weekly basis to determine which of your marketing plans are working best for you?  Did you know that your analytics can show you important data to help you determine the best return on investment?   Chances are, if you took a look at your analytics, you would find that new visitors to your site spend less than a minute , flitting through a couple of pages before they leave - which is WASTING your marketing dollars!

Now look at your website’s architecture. Can a new visitor easily find the most important information about your business within 3 seconds? Probably not.  We often find that most websites were designed by a web developer,  graphic designer or the business owner, himself - and none of these people really spent time or used data analysis such as what we use!

SEO Company

Valerie Marbach, founder of eSpark Marketing, is a digital marketing strategist who offers execution, training  and consulting  for online lead generation.  We use a methodology that  is based on enabling different types of prospects to find the most important information to them -quickly and intuitively, so they turn into leads for you. It’s a mixture of art, and science hence why we need to combine both the graphics, the web development along with online marketing into one.  Our strategy works in any industry and on any website – with dramatic results!

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