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Are you frustrated or angry because your business is NOT being found in search for YOUR keywords or products?

SEO Services that boost visibility in Google

Whether you have 1 location or 20 locations, eSpark Marketing Phoenix,  can improve your rankings (which increases your visits!) in local search results.

In fact, many of our clients are capturing multiple first page results in the majority of the markets they operate in.  Higher rankings often means greater visibility, which means more leads for your business. We want to do the same for you, using our custom-designed local SEO plan which is a methodical proven model.

Besides businesses who are trying to get found in the competitive Arizona market, our web marketing company partners with like-minded, qualified, proven agencies worldwide to give you better services when marketing franchises and multi-location businesses.  Our SEO service company has experience and knowledge which employs techniques to enable both web sites, and Google+ pages, to rank for searchers in every location where your business operates.

We use a proven methodology with every SEO client

1. In depth Keyword Research

Keyword selection is the starting point for any SEO campaign and often is the most underutilized. It’s essential to choose the right search terms that customers use to look for your product or service.  These terms not only should convert well, have the right mix of value vs. competition, but also consumer search volume to support your marketing dollars.   Good keyword research is CRUCIAL to help you understand the terms your prospects use when searching for your service or product. We spend many hours on this critical keyword research since this becomes the backbone of every web marketing campaign. out relevant content on your website.

2. Comprehensive Competitive Analysis

When you embark on a journey to increase the online visibility of your business, the next important step is to find out what your competitors are doing.  How does their website appeal to their prospects.  What search terms, or keywords, are they showing up in the search engines for.  Are they spending dollars on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising? Is their website mobile friendly? How are they utilize social media to bring in business or awareness.  All of these questions make up our competitive analysis. This information provides a sense of what is working  what isn’t – so we can design a strategy that beats them.

3. Website Technological Audit

We often see websites that are "pretty".  They have nice design and colors —however, the websites are not bringing in calls or leads!   Unfortunately, there is much more to a high-quality site than aesthetics. A clean, well-structured site that incorporates modern SEO architecture, keyword research, quality content, optimized pages-- all are important in appealing  to search engines to help with rankings. Our process always  starts with a comprehensive analysis of your website optimization, and analytics so we can create a plan that does more than just create a pretty website.

4. Website Content Analysis

High-quality, original content is the essence of SEO. And at the core - all website content which is optimized correctly uses meta tags, page titles and image tags and anchor text.

Creating pages with end users and search engines in mind is the most effective way to ensure positive rankings, which ultimately will drive the online sales.  Poor web design and bad content are commonly what we see out there and is detrimental to your site’s visibility. Its essential to have the pros write your web content with SEO in mind. We analyze, optimize  and improve the existing content as well as create new content for web pages and blog posts.

5. Local Search Analysis

Many Phoenix based businesses need to appear when their prospects are searching for their service or product on a mobile, tablet or from a desktop using the Google or Bing Map search.  Unfortunately for local businesses, Google uses a different algorithm (which is often changing) to determine which websites to show to your prospects.

We know that Local search optimization is powerful tool for businesses which desperately need to target local Phoenix customers. Because of this, your soon-to-be-new-friends at eSpark Marketing have developed a localized SEO marketing strategy that helps target the right type of prospect in your local geographic area.

Interested in learning more?

The first step in working with with us is to schedule a discovery call.   The goal of this call is to better understand your business and goals and to get to know us in order to see whether we are a good fit for accomplishing your marketing goals!  If so, we use the information gathered from doing our Internet Business Analysis and Website audit to create a market and competitive analysis.

Just some of the clients we have helped: