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    Social Media Services - Training, Consulting and Management

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter.... Don't allow yourself to be overwhelmed by all the noise!

If your company is like most businesses in Arizona,  up until now - most of your customers have come from Word of Mouth and Referrals. Referrals are one of the least costly and most effective ways of generating revenue - so its fantastic that you have grown this way.

However, time and the business climate has changed and its time to realize that social media is the new "Word of Mouth" marketing, if used correctly.    Everyone is on social media   ---  and if you want to compete, your business should be active on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram.  

Why Social Media for Construction/Medical, Industrial/Manufacturing or Niche Industries?

  • Actually, 46 percent of internet users admit they search social media prior to making a purchasing decision and trust the information they find there more  than word of mouth recommendations! 
  • 83 percent of businesses report an increase in brand exposure with 69 percent more website traffic upon starting a social media campaign.

For almost every business, social media can an excellent way to interact with your existing customers, attract new customers, to build brand awareness, generate leads, and much more.   Therefore, if you haven’t incorporated social media into your marketing campaign yet, you’re really missing out.

eSpark Marketing KNOWS Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is not a “one size fits all” scenario. You need an individualized approach to attract and maintain customers by building your online presence and brand recognition.  Some of our clients do better on LinkedIn than Facebook.  Others need to have an active presence on Pinterest, Yelp or Youtube

Using YOUR top platforms, we will implement the strategy using a variety of tools and resources to guarantee lead generation, brand awareness, improved search engine ranking, and increased profits. We are not about "posting pics on Facebook just to do it".  No, we offer social media marketing that is incorporated into our web marketing plans since we have seen first hand how much more effective social media is  when combined. We’ll cover every vital aspect of your social marketing with real results you’re able to see.

eSpark Marketing DOES Social Media Training and Consulting

We believe that it’s important for business owners to grasp the power of social media channels and how to these tools to better position their brands and attract leads. This is why we also offer personalized social media training and consulting to help  get a leg up on your competition. We can work one on one with you or your salesperson to develop a custom profile or we can create a workshop on how to use Facebook or LinkedIn for lead generation.

Whether you need social media training or a solid social media campaign, give us a call today to begin leveraging social networking in your favor. Our team can create effective social media marketing campaigns to target and attract your specific niche audience.

Just some of the clients we have helped: