Social Media and SEO Training Services

Digital Marketing and Social Media Training

Only have a small budget and need to build your business? Or maybe you want to learn, or empower your staff to learn how to market  instead of relying on a company to do the marketing?

Digital Marketing and Social Media Training for Phoenix Area Businesses

We partner with all types and sizes of businesses to help them overcome the challenges when it comes to maximizing the use of technology and marketing tools.  Besides virtual web training, we offer both 1-on-1 in person training at your home or office, as well as on site group training to guide you, and your staff to a successful solution.

There is so much chatter and misinformation out there, that you need an experienced and dedicated guide.

Believe it or not, not every single business needs the absolute, most powerful SEO driven website in the world. Unfortunately, we have found that many businesses are being sold services or products that are not meant for their niche or type of business!   Some businesses need SEO, and other businesses just need to spend time marketing on LinkedIn.   We  have the expertise to help you understand what you or your business need sand what will be the most beneficial for  your company’s growth.

As a  full-service marketing company based in Scottsdale, Arizona  besides being able provide you with support and training to keep your online business thriving; we also KNOW what works since we do this daily for our clients!   Owner and Digital Marketing Strategist, Valerie Marbach, is dedicated to helping all of our clients get through the clutter and jargon associated with the confusing world of online marketing  and does it through a hand-holding, yet energetic way.

Valerie has been in sales for 25 years and business marketing for 10+ years  doing live training for individuals, business owners, sales people and teams If you hire her for you a workshop or 1 on 1 individual or small team training, she will personally work with you to find out more about your goals, your business services in order to develop and execute a customized  training plan for you.  We guarantee that you will appreciate our responsiveness,patience and eagerness to help people learn!

Sample Digital Marketing Training We Offer:

  • Building a Profitable Profile on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • How to generate business using LinkedIn/Facebook
  • How to use social media to market your business - For Beginners
  • How to use social media to market your business - Advanced
  • How to use SEO to improve your website rankings - Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
  • How to use free marketing tools to measure your website's effectiveness
  • Teaching receptionist or admin on how to turn phone calls into appointments
  • How to build business strategic relationships to build referrals and leads


eSpark Marketing's 5 Step Training Approach:

Step 1:

Consultation with the business owner or professional developing a unique method and strategy to reach the desired goals - this time is strictly dedicated to just this purpose.

Step 2:

After working together to define our goals, Valerie will create a workshop or outline on how best to accomplish what you want to achieve through social media or SEO. 

Step 3:

Its time to work hand's on with you or your team to train!!   We use a high energy style to help you stay engaged, but also like to review in simple terms and step-by-step.  We find that most people are scared of social media and need patience, validation and proof to help them learn and get excited to use it.  

Step 4:

Time for action!  We love to set up follow up goals for each of our students.  From past experience, we know that this is the most effective way to learn.   It's one thing to get shown what to do, but its another to actually do it.   Valerie is the believer that DOING IT is the way to get business and helps her students gain confidence in the entire social media process

Step 5:

A post-session review with the owner to ensure that his/her goals were met and to find out how we can help you, or any of your team members further.  Satisfaction and success are our ultimate goal so we want to make sure YOU, our client is happy with your training investment! 


Interested in eSpark Marketing's Training Services?

Our in person, 1 on 1 training sessions typically start at $350 a session, while as workshops depend on length of time and travel time. Please inquire to get more information on the availability and rate structure for training sessions. 

If you are looking for hand's on sales marketing expert to help you, your sales people ,or team learn the skills needed to successfully leverage your business website and social media exposure, contact us for a complimentary discovery call to meet us. We look forward to talking to you!

Just some of the clients we have helped: